About Sworm.io

Sworm.io by S3Games is a real-time multiplayer action .iO game like the popular Slither title. It is also considered as an amazing upgraded version with several features and stuff. Additionally, the basic gameplay still remains the same. Therefore, you will embark on the new adventure with a very small worm. After you appear on the map, you must eat various minerals. They are available on the ground. They will help you grow longer and stronger. However, you are able to consume another type. Indeed, aside from the item that you absorb at the beginning, you are allowed to find power-ups that can make your survivability and attack power better significantly.

Play Sworm.io you should work hard and smartly since your action will affect your growth. Do not forget to avoid being damaged by other competitors! In case your body is cut by another, you will lose a lot of portions and you will be forced to restart in an instant. Besides, you can get a speed boost and turn it into your advantage when you’d like to escape from those who are stronger or use it to put an end to somebody. Finally, you need to climb up to the highest position on the leaderboard and take over the whole arena.

Sworm.io GameplayFeatures

  • Breathtaking Snake.io-based game with HD graphics
  • You can cut off other creatures or simply block their path
  • Remember to swallow bugs to obtain shields!
  • Power-ups in Sworm.io game are scattered across the playing field and reserved for players to pick up
  • Have a controllable zoom level
  • The Mini-map is very useful to check the location of other rivals
  • Select the Spectate mode to watch their game
  • Have many changeable skins

How to Play Sworm.io

  • You will move your worm after the mouse cursor. Especially, you can navigate multiple worms in Sworm.io.
  • When you hold the left mouse button or W key, you will trigger boosting.
  • Hold RMB or Space to slash others or your tail.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. You can view the distance between characters. That will auto increase when you get bigger.
  • When the game is over, you can receive an individual achievement URL for your results. You can share it with friends. It is defended from cheating.

Sworm.io Strategy

  • Guzzle to enlarge
  • Do not crash into anybody!
  • Catch insects and gather objects that can armor yourself since the foe cannot cut you when you are armored.
  • Do not ignore magnets! They will temporarily collect everything nearby.
  • You can hunt down ones who are not armored.

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