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Bellum: Legacy

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to control your army.

Bellum: Legacy about:

Bellum: Legacy

Bellum: Legacy is a great MMORPG tower defense game that you can play solo or cooperate with some allies to set up a team. Enter the new match and figure out the most proper strategy to deal with every enemy as well as conquer the largest area of the map quickly. By killing the others and taking control of their starbase, you can rank up. Or, you can choose to live peacefully if necessary. When you work together with teammates, you are able to take out stronger guys. Attempt to obtain a very high MPS (over 20k) to defend against aggressive people! Besides, you can bully those who are staying next to your territory and capture the most important structure that they have. If you can rush to +400mp per click, you should be prepared for dominating the top spot. To win faster, keep an eye on upgrades and select them in time. Good luck!

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