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Instructions: Use the mouse to move, W or LMB to hook, Space to boost speed.

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Blobie.io is one of the best online multiplayer action games by Clown Games. Participate in a classic battle set in a large map in which you will play Free For All mode, experience a unique gameplay, and fight against everybody for the top spot. Roam around the arena and use the hook to capture other opponents. Remember to collect blobs available on the floor! They are very useful to grow your weapon in size and help you get close to the expected position sooner. In case you want to chase somebody or run away from the stronger foe, you can boost your speed. Note that you cannot move while you are attacking. And, it can become your weakness. Thus, you must keep an eye on everything around you and stop that action in time. To increase your point, you can hunt bigger players. Let’s enter and see if how many kills you can achieve!

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