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Instructions: Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, RMB or Space to control bombs.

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Travel around the mysterious world in Drillem.io game and get ready to play against tons of people in Free For All mode! Explore the new land with multiple opponents and compete against each other to find the best player. You will begin the own journey with a small drill. Use that tool to mine and collect minerals which are very important for you to grow. Aside from that, you can earn much more experience later. When you complete the stage and level up, you are allowed to improve your stats. Just choose stat points and unlock upgrades you want. At Level 15, you can make your item stronger and evolve further. If you’d like to check another way, you can select to drop bombs. They will explode and blast away what you target without difficulty. Besides, they can move through tunnels of the rival and destroy them. But, avoid explosions for survival. Good luck!

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