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Instructions: Use the mouse to steer, LMB or W to speed up, RMB or Space to cut. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

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Sworm.io is a new Sither style .iO game where you will join Free For All mode with multiple players. Start off with a worm and get ready to grow longer. The length, the survival time and the kill that you collect during the adventure will help you take over the top spot soon. Before you rank up and dominate, you need to handle every difficult situation first. In the beginning, you should eat available food orbs on the ground to increase your mass. Aside from that, you can consume bugs. Do not forget to pick up shields and other bonuses! They are very useful for you to keep you safe and earn much more advantages. Be careful! You can die if you bump into somebody. Avoid dangers and even traps created by other opponents. Although you are small, use that strategy to cut off the target. However, act skillfully and run away if necessary. Good luck!

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