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Instructions: Use the mouse to control your character.

Battlz.Club about:


Battlz.Club is one of the top Io games containing an exclusive area in which you can take part in a fierce fight against other players. Every member existing on the new map will have to join Free For All mode and attempt to steal as many souls as possible, And, it is also the main aim that you need to complete before the opponent achieves. With the part of the body that you have gathered, you can realize that your rank and title are being increased significantly. If your current Soul Streak gets larger, you can earn much more experience. When you hot somebody, you can knock them back. Thus, you are recommended to push them into fireballs rob what they have. In case your prey still stays alive, their damage meter will increase and they can fly further. To fill the own dash, pick up energy orbs on the floor. It is necessary to escape a dangerous object or eliminate the target. Have fun!

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