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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your character and swing your sword. Click the left mouse button to make a speed boost.

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Bladez.io online is a game of survival, in which you play the role of a swordsman wielding his small blade in his hand to kill all opponents around him. Sword is also one of the most common weapons featured in io games. Rather than using guns, a sword can make your gameplay more different and more unique.

As a swordsman in Bladez.io unblocked, you will make your way through the map hunting for enemies to kill. However, the first thing you will want to do is to get your sword longer and stronger by collecting many colored grains dispersed on the ground. As you pick them up, you can power up yourself too. Make sure you avoid all the blades from the enemies if not, you will take damage, which causes the game to be over. Therefore, it is important for you to watch out for your surroundings and have some strategies ready to deal with the tough enemies. You can even make a speed boost for your swordsman to chase his targets or run away from dangers. However, you have to watch the bonus scale when using acceleration. It can help you with some tough situations but will decrease the strength of your sword, which requires you to collect the grains on the map to get its length back. You aim to become the first-ranked player on the leaderboard with the best score in Bladez.io game. Have fun!

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