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Instructions: Use the left mouse button to move your settler, capture tiles, and interact with the objects in the game.

Colonist.io about:


Colonist.io unblocked is a game that gives you a chance to perform your strategic skills. It is also known as with another name called Katan.io. The gameplay of Colonist.io reminds you of a classic board game called Settlers of Catan. Although it takes inspiration from that board game, you should still give this io title a try for new experiences.

You take on the role of a settler who has to create a territory and make it big through over time for the ultimate domination of the whole arena. Because you step into the map with nothing in your hands, you will find this adventure much harder to conquer. However, when there is a will, there is a way. You can go explore areas on the map to get some tiles for your territory. Take all the tiles back to your main base to carry out the expansion before enemies attack you. You’d better have fast reflexes and good skills when capturing those tiles. Other players are doing the same task as you, and they are willing to eliminate you from the arena if they have a chance for that. Besides capturing tiles, you can go collect some resources as well. Use the resources to your advantage, manage them carefully and trade them with other players if you want. The point of Katan.io game is to grow your territory to the max to become the King of the arena. Play and have fun with it now!

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