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Instructions: Move your character using WASD. Shoot with the left mouse button, select a wall type using Z/X or C. Place walls using the right mouse button, use number keys 1-5 to change items or weapons, do an action using E, run with Shift, chat with Enter, and use the spacebar to jump from the parachute.

CrazyBattle about:


CrazyBattle.fun unblocked is an io game settled in a 2D arena, featuring two game modes to master, namely deathmatch mode and zombie mode, which makes your game experience much more interesting. You can play CrazyBattle unblocked for free in your browser then select your favorite game mode then jump into the arena to battle it out.

For the deathmatch mode, it is such a bloody mess! All players will get down to the ground using their parachutes and they must be ready for a tough fight. You have to go collect some weapons and items then use them to deal damage to your opponents. Make sure you protect yourself from their assaults. The big goal for you in this mode is to reach the top 1 to become the best player. For the second game mode called zombie mode, players will not kill each other. This time, they have the same enemy – zombies! During the day time, you are totally safe, but when the night comes, zombies will come. Therefore, you should work together with other players to form alliances and build strong bases in the day time so you can deal with all the zombies when they appear at night. The zombies will get stronger, which will be harder to fight them off. You must upgrade your skills, develop your strategies, and use them all to defeat all zombies. Survive as long as you can to become the winner! Are you ready? Have fun playing CrazyBattle free game!

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