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Instructions: Left click to attack enemies and right click for acceleration.

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Evonite.fun unblocked is a game of survival, evolution, and fighting. It has been added to the list of io games online, promising to enrich players’ experience with awesome challenges. Prepare your skills then step into the arena to battle against all enemies from around the world!

Evonite.fun game online has its own way to keep players entertained for hours. With unique gameplay mechanic, players will become a fan of this title. For your survival and victory, you have to do a lot of things, from cutting down trees, palms, bushes, and cacti. That is the first basic mission you have to carry out in order to grow in size while you are small. As you get bigger, you can attack other enemies that are smaller than you. For the ones that are bigger than you, just run away from them because they can slay you with just one fell swoop of their strong weapon. If you meet your end, your experience will be given to the one who killed you. Running away from enemies is a good thing to do to save your life, but you cannot run for a long time, otherwise, your experience reduces. Make sure you upgrade yourself to a higher level and unlock new character classes. Evonite.fun free online has 12 levels in total, divided into 4 classes, including killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. How high can you upgrade? Try your hardest to evolve your character into the best! Play the game now!

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