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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Space to drop bombs. Hold Space and release to throw a bomb.

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GemBrawl.io is a free online strategy game that you can play with multiple antagonists around the world. The new challenge will be set in chaotic mines. However, it is the main playing field in which you have to beat other players to control the map. What appearing in front of your eyes looks like a maze and you should find out the best way to escape dangerous situations as well as scavenge the most gems. Each of them will grant 5 points. There is a good tip that you are recommended to apply that is to search for forgotten stone spawns. You will have the chance to occupy a room with tons of gemstones with friends. But, remember to prevent the rival from invading. You will be armed with a special weapon. While roaming, you are allowed to blow up anybody that you encounter. Drop or throw bombs if you want!

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