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Instructions: Control your goose using the mouse, attack enemy geese using the left mouse button and speed it up using the right mouse button.

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Make your io game experience much more interesting with GooseGame.io unblocked! Rather than playing with a cell, a snake, or a worm, now, you play the role of a goose in this GooseGame.io online and get ready to fight off all other geese from around the world. The game revolves around a battle of survival between these geese!

All of these geese have been locked away in a pen by the farmer after they have angered him by stealing his stuff and getting him irritated throughout his daily chores. He had no choice but to push them all in that pen, which sparked the fight between them. Since the size of the pen is not big and there is not enough food for the geese to eat, they have to fight for it to see who will rule this area. You must make your way through the pen eating as much food as possible. As you eat food, your size will become much bigger and you can strengthen yourself as well. You’d better come up with more attack styles as well as smart strategies so as to outplay all other enemy geese before they defeat you with their plans. Only the best and the most cunning goose is able to build the ultimate dominance in this pen arena. You are fighting for that title as well as the top rank on the leaderboard in GooseGame.io game. Are you ready? Play the game for free in your browser now!

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