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Instructions: Move your character using the mouse. Shoot enemies using the left mouse button, dash with the right mouse, and use the mouse to choose and browse through various weapons at each level.

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Eliminating all enemies from around the world is your main mission in GunFu unblocked – another shooter game from the io games list. It’s always fun to play shooting games online because you can prove your excellent shooting abilities to other players and make them admire your skills. GunFu game online is just like other classic shooter io games. But, the experience with it will be different. Check it out!

When you spawn in the arena of GunFu free game, you are equipped with a basic pistol in your hands. What can you do with this simple gun now? Of course, it can help you collect some kills! You can use that weapon to deal with weak enemies, eliminate them from the arena, and earn some experience points for yourself. However, when you progress, you will realize that going with this pistol will not help you conquer more other players, especially the tough ones. So, you must upgrade yourself through over time to get access to new advanced weapons. Using better weapons makes you more confident in killing enemies. Also, they can help you ramp up your killstreak progress. Try to equip yourself with a shotgun, a sniper rifle, or heavy machinery and more. Make sure you avoid all the enemy shots because if you meet your end, you will be re-spawned to level 0. GunFu shooting game features levels for you to upgrade to. Try to get enough kills to proceed to a higher level! Can you rule the arena? Give it a try now!

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