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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Space to remove the current spell, 1-7 to add elements to the existing spell, Enter to chat.

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Enjoy Magicks.io 2D shooter game with multiple online players and experience all of the special abilities for free! You will have the chance to discover a wonderful world of magic and take part in a thrilling adventure. In which, you are able to join or fight against other wizards to improve and master the arcane arts. There is an exciting system that contains 7 elements. Each of them has unique styles, strengths, and counters. Aside from that, there are several spells waiting for you to explore and experiments with. You can form them by combining available materials. In Magicks.io, you can unlock plenty of upgrades and summon a horde of minions with Dark, protect your life with Earth or fool the opponent with Psychic. To occupy an area, you should set up an order of mages and work together with them to create a mighty base. Besides, you can trade spare spell scrolls if necessary. Good luck!

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