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Instructions: The mouse is used for controlling your team and using your objects to defeat enemies in the game.

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With MNML.GG unblocked, you can prove your excellent fighting skills and improve your io game experience. The point of the game is to use your team of 3 constructs to outplay all enemy teams to dominate the arena. MNML.GG free game features a unique gameplay mechanic that totally entertains you for hours.

You will experience two game phases with different objectives, namely VBOX phase and Game Phase. Each round consists of these two phases. In the VBOX phase, you have to create a team with 3 constructs that have unique skills and specializations. Keep the stats of your constructs improved through over time, combine items together to create stronger variants and synergies. Make sure you prepare everything for your team before stepping into the next phase – the Game Phase. In this phase, it will be a battle between you and other players. You have to use your team’s abilities to outplay all enemies, disable their constructs, make them waste their abilities while trying to develop your own constructs’ power and finally eliminate the rival teams from the arena. Throughout the fight, you can come up with new plans as well as new strategies then use them to get an edge over your opponents. Don’t forget to defend your team from the enemy attacks, also, keep your constructs safe from them all the time. Your big goal is to make your team the best one in the arena! Have fun!

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