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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement, mouse to aim, the left mouse to shoot, and hold the left mouse to auto-shoot. On mobile, use the left joystick to move and the right joystick to aim and shoot.

Polygun.io about:


Polygun.io unblocked is a new 2D top-down shooter io game that can enrich your shooting skills if you play it enough. The game is all about using your reflexes, strategies, tactics, and a little bit of luck to grind your way to the top to become the best shooter in the arena. Feel free to play it in your browser with opponents from around the world!

In Polygun.io free game online, you make your way through a map full of polygons. Those polygons are dropped by enemies, but some of them are previously created to offer you a nominal percentage of experience points that can be saved up for upgrades. Make sure you collect a good amount of polygons as you move around the map. When you have enough of them, use them to get upgrades for yourself. These upgrades help you grow your attack, speed, as well as armor values. You must select between three various upgrades for every tier that you have upgraded to. When you encounter enemies, make sure you quickly shoot them before they shoot you. Also, you must be careful from the advanced players because they can deal their shots to you easily, which makes the game over for you. Pay attention to the evolution tree which is a cool feature in Polyguns.io game. The tree will show your upgrading progress. When you are about to evolve, you will be asked to choose an upgrade. Make sure you select it smartly because it will change the other upgrades for the next time you choose. Can you outplay all enemies to become the top-ranked player in Polyguns.io free? Play it now!

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