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Instructions: Move your worm around the map using the mouse and use the spacebar for acceleration.

Worms.lol about:


You are a little worm spawning in a big arena of Worms.lol game with a big ambition: become the biggest worm that dominates the arena. Worms.lol unblocked is quite similar to Slither.io in terms of gameplay, however, it offers you a brand new experience with new features to explore. Why don’t you give it a try if you already get bored with the classic Slither.io game?

When you spawn in the map, the first thing that gets in your mind is to get your size bigger by eating a lot of food spawned on the ground. Like Slither.io, you have to eat a big amount of food until you get your mass and size much bigger. But, you don’t have to wait for your body to grow big to take on other enemy worms. The special thing about Worms.lol free online is that you can totally defeat the big worms even though you are smaller than them. All you have to do is to make their heads collide with your body. There are many ways to kill them, such as speed up to bypass them and cut them off (you can do this when you are smaller than them), or even encircle around them until they touch your body with their heads (use this when you are bigger than them). Your killing styles vary depending on the situation you are in. The point of Worm.lol snake io game is to top the leaderboard to rule the arena. Have fun!

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